Do you want fine writing? Do you want masterpieces? Or do you want to see the goddamned sales curve start moving up?

 -Rosser Reeves


We're not saying Reeves was right, or wrong. Times changed and we as a society are being bombed with tons of ads: print, video, tv, billboards, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram, you name it.


So what’s that got to do with creativity?



People’s attention span has significantly dropped and now you do need all of them: fine writing, masterpieces and you also "want to see the goddamned sales curve start moving up".


Creativity and advertising go hand in hand and before everything starts, we are doing our homework:


  • study the product we are going to advertise

  • what kind of advertising your competitors have been doing for similar products, and with what success

  • research among consumers: what language they use, what’s important for them and what promise would be most likely to make them buy your brand

  • how your product should be positioned

  • product personality

Close the door, have a seat. We have to talk, it’s serious.

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