Amazon sponsored brands formerly known as Headline Search Ads let us showcase a collection of products to shoppers actively searching with related keywords on Amazon.

With Sponsored Brands, we can promote your brand to shoppers with cost-per-click custom ads targeted by keywords. Sponsored Brands appear in multiple locations on desktop and mobile platforms including above shopper search results.

A Sponsored Brand creative includes a headline, logo, and three product images. Shoppers who click on your Sponsored Brand ad will go to the Amazon Store for your brand, or any page that showcases your products on Amazon.

Sponsored Brands is open only to professional sellers who are brand owners (brand registry) and are the first thing that a potential customer sees on the search results page.

When it comes to landing pages, we have two options:


Amazon Store (including subpages): Increase brand awareness and product discoverability by sending shoppers to your Amazon Store featuring a collection of your brand’s products.

New product list page: We create a page featuring 3 or more of your products to be featured on a product list page.



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