What exactly is Amazon SEO and how can it help you?

In a few words, we can summarize it in the following strong strategic points:

●      Understand the Amazon’s algorithm

●      Keyword research

●      Listing optimization

●      Backend search terms

Once we go through all of them the main target is to improve your CTR and Conversion Rate.


Understanding the Amazon’s algorithm is probably the simplest part of the process, mainly because it consists of two basic instincts of survival: performance and relevance.

Amazon wants YOU to be relevant and perform because that’s exactly how Amazon works: happy customers, happy sellers, happy Amazon.

Our professional expertise will go around these two factors: we will first improve your relevance score and after we will succeed (trust us, we will) the performance will come up naturally.


Keyword research and Backend search terms

Keywords are one of the most most important chunk of your Amazon business and for your product’s visibility in search results page.

If you forget to add a relevant keyword, we’re here to help, because you don’t want to miss out a potentially productive and relevant customer search query.

People are expecting to find exactly what they're looking for and some of them might tend to be more detailed when they search for a product - some studies show that over 70% of search queries are long tail and we can confirm that too, based on our customers search term reports.

Remember that people might also NOT search for a specific product but they might be looking for a solution to their problem - the key is to continuously be up to date with people’s behavior and search queries trends.

Seller Central Backend Search Terms are coming to the rescue and help you add all the relevant keywords that didn't fit in the title or bullet points.

If you have keyword variations, this might also be a good place to insert them.


Listing Optimization

Prioritizing keywords in product listing, product title, bullet points, seller central backend search terms, product description, and product photos are the core of listing optimization process.

Shopper's behavior is strongly integrated in Amazon's algorithm and optimizing your listing in such way is an essential procedure for your business.

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