Understanding how your products are being shipped to Amazon or to your customers might be a troublesome process to understand, especially if you're a new seller and you want to optimize your order management in the meanwhile.


Maybe you need help when it goes to talking with someone from Amazon and explain a certain situation or perhaps you might be violating Amazon’s TOS and you don’t even know it - we are saying this simply because, if you called at Amazon regarding a problem, either way PPC related or stock related, you probably got hang up a few times.


Maybe you lost your buy box and you don’t quite understand how this could happen.

In one word, if you need a VA or consultant, one of our team members will happily help you switch gears for your business.


Dealing with customer care and follow-up e-mails, tricks, and tips - sounds familiar?


Customer reviews are a compelling area that can positively or negatively impact your sales and ultimately the product revenue.


After analyzing hundreds of accounts and trying to find key clues on how Amazon's performance metrics work, it's clear that the product rank is deeply impacted by reviews, not only the quantity but also the quality of your reviews.


In addition to technical metrics, product reviews also speak for themselves: potential customers can see how people that already bought your product are engaging with it while sharing their experiences - turning this into your favor by using this kind of information for your product description might be an intelligent move, doesn't it?




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